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The lightning-fast gameplay is back without any compromise to the tight two-button control scheme. At the highest speeds, it's blazing fast, but still manageable.

As Fast As Ever:

Single Player Experience:

The game is a single player experience, designed for short bursts of entertainment.

Play while waiting for online matches in other games to start, or just use it as a

pallet cleanser between genres.


We made too many levels, because well... we wanted to play a lot.

Now featuring blind levels (no attack bars).

New Level Types:

As you play through the game, you'll be challenged by new level types, such as Deadly Target, Horror Show, Blade Storm, Ghost, Drunken Master and many more.

Stickmen Again:

Although stickmen are simple looking, they allow us to include a vast variety

of different kung-fu moves in our game. The multitude of different animations combine

into one fluid scene, to make an intense action sequence. This is something

we could only achieve by using stickmen.

There are 26 skills in the game. Some old ones return, some new ones emerge.

Unlike OFDP1, which restricted you to 5 skills at a time, OFDP2 lets you have all 26 skills

active at the same time. It gives you an incredible sense of power.

Skills Return:


Survival mode is back. 

Couch Cooperative Survival:

There is a limited couch cooperative survival mode that you and friend can play together.

Take turns tagging in and out of combat, and the resting player regenerates health.

Because there are two of you, the survival challenge is much harder. Note that this is a

limited experience, and you should purchase OFDP2 for its single player merits alone.

OFDP2 is built completely from the ground up, using Unity, with all new artwork.

Built with Unity:

We are two brothers, who made a bunch of games on XBLIG. They're all gone now,

since XBLIG closed in 2017. Oh, and we made One Finger Death Punch.

Silver Dollar Games:

YouTube and Twitch:

You may use our game for any videos you wish, to monetize on YouTube, Twitch

or other social media platforms.

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